The game needs a fit and confident Woods back in action

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The game needs a fit and confident Woods back in action.


For several weeks now Tiger Woods has failed to recapture the form that once made him invincible on the PGA Tour. Despite recent swing changes with a new golf coach Woods has failed miserably in his comeback from injury. Sometimes this has been difficult to watch especially as we would all like him to get back to those to high standards and maintain his quest for major titles.

Over the last few years he seems to have become more obsessed with the technical side of the game ,appreciating that this may well have also been contributed to some of his more technical coaches.

Woods has been through four swings as a professional:

  • the early years up to the 1997 Masters win with Butch Harmon

  • the Butch swing mark II, which yielded seven majors but took a physical toll

  • the Hank Haney era - six majors, but at the price of knee reconstruction

  • Sean Foley oversaw eight PGA Tour wins but no majors 

Lately,Woods has hooked up with swing "consultant" Chris Como, a little-known biomechanics specialist, late last year and the pair debuted a new action. 

"It is new, but it’s old,” said Woods at the time. "We looked at a lot of video from when I was a junior.

“It was quite interesting to see where my swing was then and how much force I could generate with a very skinny frame. How did I do that? How do I generate that much power? That's kind of what we are getting back into.”

This new look swing does seem to have more rhythm them and flow to it but his confidence is at an all time low and some of his short game techniques have been affected accordingly. Normally Woods would be classed as one of the games best around the greens but recently his action is far from natural.

He has become too bound up with technique ,devoting too much time into mythology,often playing the golf swing and not the game of golf we all admired him for. The sooner he gets his confidence back and his natural swing thoughts the better for the game of golf and more importantly the player himself.

Injury has also played a large part in shaping his career. Four operations on the left knee, Achilles issues and last year's back problem that necessitated surgery for a pinched nerve are just the headlines. Tiger's injuries often dictated how he swung the club, and defined how much he could practice.   

While he dominated the game for so long,it looks apparent that he will not only have to return to that winning level but even rise above it if he is compete with the domination of the Rory Mc Ilroy era. In addition there are many other rising stars emerging such as Ricky Fowler and Jordan Spieth

who have no fear something Tiger had in abundance.